Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Definition : The cavity beneath the junction of the arm and the body.

note: axilla is well demonstrated when the shoulder is abducted

Shape: Like a pyramid with an open apex

Axillary artery
Axillary vein
Cords of the brachial plexus
Axillary lymph nodes
Axillary fat

Applied Anatomy:

-Incision in the floor of axilla to drain an abscess should avoid injury of the vessels and nerves of the axilla

-the characters of the "ideal incision" in the floor of axilla are the following:
1)Vertical Incision
2)Nearer to medial wall
3)Midway between anterior and posterior walls

good example

Why Axilla??
-Misteri Nusantara

refferences: Buku anatomy Dr. Aiman Khanfour
(sori Dr. sbb sye x reti nk buat proper quotation,,jgn saman saye ea)



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